1. What is is an advanced AI developer designed to assist you in solving technical issues such as coding/testing/debugging, building algorithms, solutions. Gru is built to be professional, reliable and deliver high quality results.

2. Can I use it for free?

Yes. Free users have a daily usage limit. Once this limit is exceeded, access will be restricted until it refreshes the following day. Upgrading to a paid membership removes usage restrictions. There are two ways to upgrade to a paid membership:

  • Pay per day: $9.9 per day, expires after 24 hours.
  • Monthly subscription: $99 per month, automatically renewed each month.

3. What’s the difference between and ChatGPT?

Unlike ChatGPT, which directly responds to your queries, tests and validates the provided code. Additionally, can tackle more challenging problems.

You can click on “steps” to see a more detailed workflow.


4. supports which languages? currently supports Python and TypeScript. While Gru will attempt to answer questions in other languages, it cannot run or test the code. There are plans to gradually add support for more languages.

5. When should I start a new chat?

In the same chat session, Gru will refer to your previous context for responses, which may take more time. When you have a new question, a new chat might be a better choice.

6. Where can I find some help?

You can find us on discord community